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Wireless Charging

You know those busy evenings when you are preparing everything, when the entire agenda is fully booked with reservations, then you don't have time to replace or light the candles, right?

That's where the Lussono wireless charging collection comes in very handy, simply grab the lamp from the charging station and put it down and your guests can enjoy atmospheric light.

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Wirelessly rechargeable Classic mini table lampWirelessly rechargeable Classic mini table lamp
36 in 1 Charging Station Kar36 in 1 Charging Station Kar
36 in 1 Charging Station Kar Sale price€1.950,00
6 in 1 Wireless Charging Station6 in 1 Wireless Charging Station
Wirelessly Rechargeable FortunaWirelessly Rechargeable Fortuna
Wirelessly rechargeable fungoWirelessly rechargeable fungo
Wirelessly rechargeable ClassicoWirelessly rechargeable Classico