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Rechargeable Table Lamp with Dock Station

Rechargeable Table Lamp with Dock Station

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Gold Table lamp with dock station

High-quality table lamp with Italian design. The Lussono table lamp is multifunctional and can be used, for example, in your garden on the dining table, but is also very suitable as a night light or desk lamp. This luxurious table lamp contains 48 LED lights that provide optimal light. Light for dining, reading or conversing. Can be used in any interior: create an Italian setting wherever and whenever you want!

This table lamp, made entirely from one piece of aluminum, runs on a battery, so it can be taken anywhere. The decorative table lamps from Lussono are durable and very suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, because they are splash-proof. Very suitable as an attractive table lamp for use in restaurants & catering.

  • Because the lamp is dimmable, you can use it ideally as a work light, but also as an atmospheric light!
  • The Lussono Lamp can last 8 to 12 hours on the battery, making the Lussono last much longer than comparable products!
  • The designer lamp is easily charged
  • The lamp is ideal for the children's room because it has no loose elements.
  • The Touchswitch at the top of the lamp allows you to easily turn it on and off and dim the light.


  • 48 LED lights
  • easy charging via dock station
  • Completely aluminum
  • Touchswitch Switch
  • IP54 Splashproof
  • Easy and fast charging within 5 hours
  • Dimmable LED lights

What do you receive?

  • Gold Table Lamp
  • dock station
  • Instructions
  • USB cable

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